Leslie Abramson

Leslie Hope Abramson is one of the most well-known criminal defense attorneys in the US in the 90s. Best recognized as Erik Menendez’s laywer, she defended him as he and his brother were accused of murdering their wealthy parents in their home in Beverly Hills. Aside from this, she also represented prominent clients like Peter Chan, who was accused of being involved with the death of a policeman in a robbery; Khalid Parwez, a gynecologist charged with death of his son; Jeremy Strohmeyer, who allegedly sexually assaulted and murdered a minor in a Las Vegas casino restroom and Ricky Sanders, one of those responsible for Bob’s Big Boy Massacre.

Born on October 6th 1943 in New York City and raised in Queens, Leslie Abramson is the second of three children. She was schooled at a local college and graduated in 1964. After graduating from college, she got married and set out to live in California. By 1965, following the birth of her daughter Laine, she began studying law at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 1969, she divorced her spouse, graduated and started working at the LA Public Defender’s Office. For seven years, she Worked working on felony cases like murders, kidnappings and burglaries. Later on, she went into private practice.

Leslie Abramson wrote the book The Defense is Ready: Life in the Trenches of Criminal Law, which was published in 1997. She has been lauded by the Los Angeles Criminal Courts Bar Association twice as Trial Lawyer of the Year.